Jeff and JK Listen To: Oucho Sparks – Foreign Cars and Robots

This week, Jeff and JK sat down and decided to listen to one of Jeff’s longtime favorite, but entirely unknown Chicago band, Oucho Sparks.

Jeff (7:43:46 PM): Well I’ve been listening to this band “Oucho Sparks” a lot after a bit of a hiatus

JK (7:44:33 PM): What’s the name of the album?

Jeff (7:44:49 PM): Foreign Cars and Robots

JK (7:45:41 PM): Wow I couldn’t even find anything on it, I was gonna download it online, haa, and got no results

Jeff (7:45:52 PM): Haha, yeah, they’re really underground, from Chicago

Jeff (7:45:59 PM):They’ve played like one show in the past 2 years

JK (7:46:01 PM): wow

Jeff (7:46:10 PM):But it was a fucking epic show

JK (7:46:15 PM): You went?

Jeff (7:46:18 PM): Oh, yeah

JK (7:46:22 PM): Nice

Jeff (7:46:25 PM):It had a 19 page script for it

JK (7:46:28 PM): wow

Jeff (7:47:13 PM):Yeah, it was pretty decked out; the drummer was carried on stage inside of a big cardboard box

JK (7:47:25 PM): haa

Jeff (7:47:29 PM):Which just broke down as he popped out

JK (7:47:59 PM): Damn they prolly spent their 2 year budget on the show, that’s why they didn’t do another

Jeff (7:48:14 PM):Yeah, probably

JK (7:52:49 PM): OK, Mercedes 300d. I’m feeling it so far

Jeff (7:53:03 PM):Yeah, I dig that track

Jeff (7:54:01 PM):This shit is really trippy when you hear their first album

Jeff (7:54:06 PM):They went from free-jazz to indie rock pretty fast

JK (7:54:14 PM): Wow, jazz?

JK (7:54:21 PM): They were playing saxes and shit?

Jeff (7:54:29 PM):Like, crazy, 20 minute songs of atonal jazz

Jeff (7:54:32 PM):With a little bit of rock in there

JK (7:54:35 PM): wow

JK (7:54:40 PM): So wait, what the fuck is Mercedes 300d? Is that a car I don’t know about?

Jeff (7:54:49 PM): Haha, possibly?

Jeff (7:55:02 PM):My guess is either a foreign car, or a robot

Jeff (7:55:03 PM): BAZING!

JK (7:55:07 PM): or a transformer of some sorts

Jeff (7:55:17 PM):Directed by Michael Bay

Jeff (7:55:29 PM):starring Shia “nononononono” LaBeouf

JK (7:55:32 PM): Haaaa

Jeff (7:55:47 PM):Actually it’s a good metaphor for Transformers

Jeff (7:55:52 PM): With the lyric, “I convince myself I don’t remember you”

JK (7:56:00 PM): Damn I’m surprised knows who these motherfuckers are.

Jeff (7:56:13 PM):I bet a lot of that is my doing

Jeff (7:56:15 PM):haha

JK (7:56:28 PM): yeah all 4,000 plays came from you and their mothers

Jeff (7:57:03 PM):haha

Jeff (7:57:05 PM):Well it is a big band,and I’m sure some of their father’s were womanizers

Jeff (7:57:25 PM):so step-moms enter the equation

JK (7:59:11 PM): People I Love is pretty fresh too

Jeff (7:59:27 PM):yeah, the whole album is real solid

JK (7:59:44 PM): Once I hear a synthesizer I almost always automatically like an album

Jeff (7:59:52 PM):And this has that in spades

JK (8:00:18 PM): Ha yeah. They sound like Modest Mouse a little bit to me, maybe? Or am I way off?

Jeff (8:00:32 PM):Nah, I mean, they’ve got layered instrumentals I guess?

Jeff (8:00:39 PM):But they do a lot more, harmonies

Jeff (8:00:42 PM): And better singing voices

Jeff (8:00:47 PM):And less cutting-themselves-on-stage

Jeff (8:00:48 PM):haha

Jeff (8:02:24 PM): Just wait till you get to “why I like the alien”

JK (8:02:35 PM): Oh I’m on that song now

Jeff (8:02:51 PM):haha

Jeff (8:02:58 PM):People either think the lyrics are hilarious and fun

Jeff (8:03:02 PM): Or get weirded the fuck out

JK (8:03:41 PM): Ha well Devin Tha Dude, a rapper, made a song and rapped as if he was an alien named Zeldar that liked smoking marijuana so it’s not a big leap for me

Jeff (8:04:23 PM):haha, I still like the musings of wondering why aliens are green

Jeff (8:04:33 PM):”Maybe they’re filled with chlorophyll… just like our friends the plants”

? ? ? ? ? ?

Jeff (8:04:34 PM):annnnd

Jeff (8:04:35 PM):pick up

JK (8:05:57 PM): OK, I’m on For Proceeds. Whats this song about?

Jeff (8:06:22 PM):haha, probably commercialism

Jeff (8:06:38 PM):This song is fucking epic, and its like 7 minutes long

Jeff (8:06:41 PM):When they played it live

Jeff (8:06:54 PM):There was like, a skeleton angel lifted in the air

Jeff (8:07:00 PM): During the “ahhh-ahhh” part

JK (8:07:03 PM): Damn

Jeff (8:07:11 PM): And a girl pushing a shopping cart

Jeff (8:07:13 PM):With a US flag

Jeff (8:07:19 PM):Where the states are all corporate logos

Jeff (8:07:26 PM):And she’s running around throwing paper at people

JK (8:07:33 PM): At the crowd?

Jeff (8:08:20 PM):yeah

Jeff (8:08:30 PM):There were also teddy bears and stuffed animals in some of the seats

Jeff (8:08:33 PM):(it was in a theatre)

JK (8:08:47 PM): So they couldn’t sell it out so they put teddy bears in the audience?

Jeff (8:09:09 PM):Well, I think they wanted to just have the bears in the seats

Jeff (8:09:13 PM):But yeah, they never were gonna sell out

Jeff (8:09:16 PM):It was like a 600 person theatre

JK (8:09:41 PM): haa damn. Well there is 8 of them. They better pick their shit up

Jeff (8:10:13 PM):Yeah, sadly I suspect this will be their last album

Jeff (8:10:17 PM):Though I hope they do another

JK (8:10:27 PM): Really? No talks of a follow up?

Jeff (8:11:06 PM):Their last myspace update was to say they had that show I went to

Jeff (8:11:13 PM):Which was, like… late 2007?

JK (8:11:19 PM): wow

Jeff (8:11:33 PM):It’s a shame

JK (8:12:27 PM): Freeze, Frozen or History. Weird ass song titles

Jeff (8:12:40 PM):haha, yeah

Jeff (8:12:51 PM):They get even better

JK (8:12:54 PM): I think he said nutrients in his hair

JK (8:18:41 PM): Wait, in Grey the guy said he was designed with no eyes at all

Jeff (8:18:49 PM):haha, yup

Jeff (8:18:52 PM):It’s metaphorical

JK (8:19:13 PM): woah. That’s too much deepness for me

Jeff (8:19:25 PM): We’re in a fucking mental ocean over hear

JK (8:19:40 PM): And I’m like Christopher Reeves if he got knocked overboard

Jeff (8:20:16 PM):hahaha

Jeff (8:20:26 PM):Um…still dead?

Jeff (8:20:26 PM):haha

JK (8:20:39 PM): Haa yeah so maybe he would actually float

Jeff (8:21:19 PM):Haha, alright, so what song are you on now?

JK (8:21:23 PM): 5ft5

Jeff (8:21:29 PM):ohhh yeah, 5ft5 is badass

Jeff (8:21:40 PM):Like, it took me a while to get it

Jeff (8:21:43 PM):But when I did, it was awesome

JK (8:21:59 PM): Well I’m a little slow so you might have to let me in on it before it ends

Jeff (8:22:06 PM):Well the chorus

Jeff (8:22:16 PM):”Overpopulation would just seem like population if the people were all smaller”

Jeff (8:22:17 PM):Is cool

JK (8:22:30 PM): ahh that is pretty cool

Jeff (8:22:43 PM):If we were, on average, 5 foot 5

JK (8:22:48 PM): Well what I get from the song is they need to get a bigger fucking basement if they can’t stand up

Jeff (8:23:06 PM):Hey man, it’s tough to find a good, cheap studio in Wicker Park

Jeff (8:23:08 PM):haha

Jeff (8:23:13 PM):So they just gotta settle for basement units

Jeff (8:23:19 PM):…I think I’m reading too much into the song now

JK (8:23:36 PM): Yeah maybe, or maybe Willy Wonka designed their home

Jeff (8:24:03 PM):”The lines at grocery stores would be as long, but they’d go quicker, ’cause their stomachs would be smaller”

Jeff (8:24:18 PM):”The cashiers would be less stressed, if we were, on average, oompa-loompas”

JK (8:24:46 PM): Woooooah. I didn’t even catch the choco factory reference, maybe it subliminally put Wonka in my head

Jeff (8:24:58 PM):haha

Jeff (8:25:17 PM):Well, there wasn’t the Wonka reference, I was just messing around, and replacing “5 ft 5” with “oompa-loompa”

JK (8:25:25 PM): Ahhh see you’re fuckin with my head, man

Jeff (8:25:58 PM):It’s hard to tell when I’m being sarcastic and serious over the internet

JK (8:26:03 PM): Yeah true

Jeff (8:26:15 PM):That’s how I got in trouble for that alleged assassination plot

Jeff (8:26:23 PM):I was like “I want to kill Nickelback”

Jeff (8:26:30 PM):And apparently Nickelback is the President’s codeword

Jeff (8:26:30 PM): Oops

JK (8:26:35 PM): Haa

JK (8:26:41 PM): Fuck Nickelback

Jeff (8:26:48 PM):Fun fact: I’m making this a thing,and this will go on the site

Jeff (8:27:01 PM):I use Nickelback as a swear word

Jeff (8:27:42 PM):If something shitty happens, or you stub your toe or whatever

Jeff (8:27:43 PM):You go

Jeff (8:27:46 PM):”GAH!  NICKELBACK!”

Jeff (8:28:04 PM):I’ve gotten like 3 other people to use it too

Jeff (8:28:08 PM):It’s gonna be huge

JK (8:28:13 PM): Nice, you’re starting a movement

Jeff (8:28:24 PM): It’s a revolution!

JK (8:28:37 PM): Aren’t they Canadian anyway?

Jeff (8:28:41 PM):yeah

JK (8:28:52 PM): Do they even have fucking nickels in Canada?

Jeff (8:29:43 PM):haha, they probably call it something lame like “hockey sticks” or “eh?s”

JK (8:29:50 PM): haa

JK (8:30:59 PM): I’m on A Contest

JK (8:31:24 PM): The song before this wasn’t worth a mention

Jeff (8:31:37 PM):yeah, it’s not bad, but it’s not fully memorable

JK (8:32:04 PM): Hearts & Hips The Puppeteer is Breaking

Jeff (8:32:51 PM): yeah, this is the part of the album where I just wait for Is this my new career (the philosophical musings of a McDonalds’ employee)

JK (8:33:04 PM): haa

JK (8:33:30 PM): I love long fucking song titles that seem to be long just to piss people off

Jeff (8:34:16 PM):I like them when they’re funny

JK (8:34:36 PM): I gotta skip this one halfway in and get to the McDonald’s track

Jeff (8:34:46 PM):word

JK (8:35:07 PM): OK I like this

JK (8:37:12 PM): Just talked to another guy from Chicago and he had no clue who Oucho Sparks was. I said Oucho Sparks and he was like what’s up? Like it was his new nickname

Jeff (8:37:40 PM):hahaha

Jeff (8:37:59 PM):yeah the only people I know who know them are people I’ve sent their album to

JK (8:38:34 PM): See fuck pitchfork. They ain’t up on this

Jeff (8:38:40 PM):right?

JK (8:39:38 PM): That was a pretty solid album

Jeff (8:39:52 PM):I’m a fan of it

Jeff (8:39:56 PM):Lunar Flag is also great

JK (8:40:01 PM): That’s a band?

Jeff (8:40:06 PM):No, the final track

JK (8:40:10 PM): ohh

Jeff (8:40:31 PM):Sounds a bit like a song from Joseph and the Technicolor Dream-Coat at the chorus

Jeff (8:40:35 PM):But the guitar pickup is awesome

JK (8:40:54 PM): Yeah I’m surprised these guys aren’t on a major label

Jeff (8:41:08 PM):They need to get a pr person who’s worth his money

JK (8:41:38 PM): Do they even have one? Or are you just calling out their current one?

Jeff (8:41:57 PM):I don’t know if they do

Jeff (8:41:59 PM):If they don’t they should

Jeff (8:42:03 PM): And if they do, they should get a new one

JK (8:42:07 PM): ha word

Jeff (8:42:50 PM):Alright, so that wasn’t too much of a disaster

Jeff (8:42:55 PM):Haha, our first ever music-off

JK (8:43:19 PM): Yeah, it wasn’t too bad. We might have some post worthy shit in there somewhere…hopefully

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