M.I.A. – Singer, Rapper, Dancer…TERRORIST!?!?!?!??&!?!!?%?!??

According to pitchforkmedia.com, M.I.A. is being accused, by fellow Sri Lankan rapper DeLon, of harboring pro-terrorist sentiments. This is largely due to the fact that her father was a prominent figure of the Tamil Tigers, a group which, in their violent history against the Sri Lankan government, are credited by some as inventing the suicide bomber tactic. As an added bonus, M.I.A. sometimes wears a shirt that has a tiger. So, you know, she’s clearly been bombing Sri Lankans.

above: Tiger. Not pictured: Terrorism

Pitchfork and M.I.A. offhandedly dismiss the accusations, saying that DeLon is just trying to get some free publicity with a not-really-that-good “cover” of the track “Paper Planes” where the gun shot sounds of the original song alternate between various pictures of Tamil Tiger victims (we are led to assume). M.I.A. stated, in response to the video, “As a Sri Lankan that fled war and bombings, my music is the voice of the civilian refugee. Frankly, I am not trying to start dialogue with someone who is really just seeking self-promotion.”

However, I think we should take a bit of a more serious look into this matter.

I believe, if you look into some of her lyrics, it is not, as MIA claims, all so innocent. I think they might be sending us subliminal messages to KILL EVERYBODY.

For example-

Blaze a blaze Galang a lang a lang lang
Purple Haze Galang a lang a lang lang

Right!? Think about it. Galang is either America, or freedom. And purple haze…oh dear God, it’s an assassination attempt on Jimi Hendrix!!!!

“Oh, M.I.A. sent me a guitar! That’s so nice of…OH NO! IT HAS JUST COMBUSTED! WHY, M.I.A., WHY!?”

I’m bored of eating banana
I want guanabana

Now she’s dissing on bananas?!!? THAT BITCH!

You’re bored of THIS, M.I.A.? Go to hell!

How many?
How many tequilas in the place
How many beers are in the case?
Boys there?
How many?

See? She clearly wants to go to the party, find all the boys she can, get them drunk, and then make it look like they “accidentally” drove off the cliff while drunk. Me and DeLon are onto your game, M.I.A.

above: They won’t even know what hits them

Now Could it be that me and He
Are tighter than J-lo in her jeans
And Could it be that me and He
Are tighter than R.Kelly in his teens

J-Lo and R. Kelly… HER NEXT VICTIMS!?

Actually, I guess I’m okay with that. Keep doin how you do, M.I.A.

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3 Responses to M.I.A. – Singer, Rapper, Dancer…TERRORIST!?!?!?!??&!?!!?%?!??

  1. Dizz says:

    “Now she’s dissing on bananas?!!? THAT BITCH!”


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