Elitish Rankings 2/1/2009

Top 5 Titles For Jeff GoodSmith’s Debut Indie/Low-Fi EP

5.  Someday We Will Put A Jew In Space

4.  Don’t Do Kids, Drugs

3.  Winter?  I hardly even KNOW her!

2. I’m Sexy When You Drink

1.  No, Seriously, Why Are You Listening To This Shit?

Top 5 Songs Nominated For An Oscar For Best Song in 2009

5.  There’s no song here

4.  No, seriously, they only nominated 3 songs

3.  Down to Earth:  WALL-E



Top 5 Fictional Rock And Roll Names

5.  Linden Jackson

4.  Johnny Freedom

3.  Eric Stagedive

2.  Paulsetto

1.  Mick Jagger

Top 5 Songs on Jeff’s Itunes With the Word “Shit” in the Title

5.  Shit Luck- Modest Mouse

4.  Kids Don’t Know Shit- Islands

3.  I Got Shit Thrown At Me- Art Brut

2.  That Right Ain’t Shit- The Books

1.  Mouthful of Shit- Chumbawamba

5 Worst Lyrics From Make Believe by Weezer

5.  “Get your hands off that girl/ Can’t you see she belongs to me?”

4.  “What kind of future will we have/ Will we ever find peace?/ Everybody thinks we’re crazy/ They’re about to call the police”

3.  “I don’t wanna be a chump/ You think I’m a fascist pig”

2.  “When you’re out with your friends/ In you’re new Mercedes-Benz / And you’re on drugs”

1.  “The truth is, I don’t stand a chance/ It’s something that you’re born into/ And I just don’t belong”

About Jeff GoodSmith

I write on occasion. Sometimes it ends up here.
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