Elite Rankings 2/28/2009

3 Best Dates in February (Excluding Leap Years)

3.  February 29th

2.  February 30th

1.  February 31st

Best Musical Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog/Firefly Nerdy Videos On Youtube

1.  This

5 Best Songs in Jeff’s Itunes With The Word “Fuck” Appearing More Than 10 Times.

5.  The Art Goblins- Fuck the MSP

~”Fuck The MSP, Just Like They Fucked Me.  Don’t Want No Socialist Shite On My Saturday Night.  Nicky Wire Can Suck My Cock.”

4.  I’m On A Boat- The Lonely Island

~”I’m On A Boat, Motherfucker, On A Motherfucking Boat”

3.  The National- Mr. November

~”I Won’t Fuck Us Over, I’m Mr. November.  I’m Mr. November, I Wont Fuck Us Over”

2.  Shellac- Prayer To God

~”Fucking Kill Him.  Kill Him Already, Kill Him.  Fucking Kill Him, Fucking Kill Him.”

1.  Viva Voce- We Do Not Fuck Around

~”Hey Y’all, We Do Not Fuck Around”

Top 5 Bands Expected To Release An Album In 2009

5.  Fishboy (Fishboy Vs. The Om Nom Noms)

4.  The Decemberists (The Hazards Of Love)

3.  Silversun Pickups (Swoon)

2.  Art Brut (Art Brut Vs. Satan)

1.  The Wrens (?)

5 Worst Artist With The Words “Asher Roth” In Their Band Name

5.  Asher Roth

4.  Asher Roth

3.  Asher Roth

2.  Asher Roth

1.  Asher Roth

5 Songs Jeff Is Geeking Out Over At The Moment

5.  Marnie Stern- Patterns Of A Diamond Ceiling

4.  Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack- O…Saya

3.  Dan Deacon- Build Voice

2.  The Thermals- Now We Can See

1.  The Decemberists- The Rake’s Song

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I write on occasion. Sometimes it ends up here.
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1 Response to Elite Rankings 2/28/2009

  1. joshuacaleb says:

    the msp are gods among men. fucking them isn’t an option

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