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5 Changes Pitchfork Could Make to be a Better Site

It’s easy for us less successful internet types to make fun of the online music magazine/Indie tastemakers/Festival makers/Evil plot to rule the world? that is pitchforkmedia.com.  Pretentious and elitish, we call them while sober.  “Bitchfork” we call them after a … Continue reading

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Interview: Peter Adams

Peter Adams is a singer-songwriter from Cincinnati who writes, arranges, and records lush orchestral indie pop songs. His second album, “I Woke Up With Planets In My Face,” was released in 2008, and certain bloggers/prep-hop superstars listed it as the second best album of the year. Elitish recently got a hold of Peter, and asked him a few questions about his recording methods, the pluses and minuses of letting music fans decide what to pay for music, and why he doesn’t care if the Smashing Pumpkins wants to make songs Nickelback fans would like. Continue reading

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